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Frogs - PreK

In the classroom...
At the beginning of the year we review and learn about rhymes, color,size, shapes and much more! In November and December we will begin learning more about numbers 0-10 and number words, and their order. 1 to 1 correspondence, more and fewer, and positional words, as well as same and different comparisons. We will also continue with some fun nursery rhymes, begin reviewing our letters and start practicing some handwriting skills.
We certainly look forward to gearing up for learning about sharing the fellowship of the holidays with one another. Upon our return to school in the new year, we will begin a strong focus on introducing two letters a week, primarily focusing on writing them in upper and lower case, learning the sounds they make, and later, we will start putting some words together for those who are ready!
What you can do at home!
Continue to read to your child daily! It encourages imagination and helps them begin to understand the joy of words, reading and writing!
Celebrate your child's learning with them by proudly displaying their work, whether it is simple art or a learning tool.
Continue to help them with recognition of their letters and numbers in random order. Often they know upper case letters well but may struggle with lower case letters. And if they know them all, begin talking about letter sounds.

The Frogs class enjoy Music, Spanish and Math and Science every week.